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Bride and guests have fun with wedding favor sparklers.

Wedding Favor Sparklers

Sparklers have become quite popular in weddings over the last few years. They've been showcased in Modern Bride, Weddings in Style and The Knot. Sparklers are a unique, fun, exciting favor to give your guests.

Our weddings favor sparklers create big bushy halos of glittering sparks that will look spectacular in your wedding photos. Their sturdy metal sticks are easy for guests to hold and safer than bamboo sparklers that drop hot ash. The 20 inch sparklers come in wedding themed boxes with 8 sparklers per box, perfect for leaving on tables for guests to enjoy. Sparkler favors can also be tied together with a bow that matches the wedding colors, a little note with instructions and a thank you to your guest for coming to your wedding.

Wedding poppers favors displayed in an oversized glass.

Wedding Favor Sparklers FAQ

Q: I'd like my sparklers to match my wedding's color theme, do you offer sparklers in different colors?
A: The name "gold sparkler" refers to the color of the sparklers sparks, gold sparklers are actually gray in color. Gold sparklers can easily be spray painted to match the color of the wedding. Use good quality spray paint, such as Krylon, and a light, even coat. Be sure to test a few before the wedding to avoid any unnecessary surprises.
Sparklers that burn different colors are available however we do not carry them nor do we recommend them for weddings. Colored sparklers are available in longer lengths, burn more like a colored torch, create a lot of smoke and are usually on a bamboo stick which can drop hot ash.

Q: Should I give out matchboxes with the sparklers?
A: You can certainly package your sparkler favors with matchboxes or books. However sparklers are often difficult to light, and when they light the sudden burst of sparks can be very startling, we suggest that people do not try to light sparklers with matches.

Q: Can sparklers be used indoors?
A: Yes, gold sparklers create very little smoke or odor and can be used indoors. You should check with your reception hall before hand to make sure they are ok with sparklers being used.

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14 Inch Gold Sparklers
14 inch gold birthday and party sparklers. 72 sparklers
Price: $21.97
Great favor sparklers for weddings or parties. Not too long or too short with a sturdy metal stick with nice bushy sparks that look great in pictures. 72 sparklers.