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A closeup of a lit gold sparklers bushy sparks.


Save both time and money buying wholesale. If you need a large quantity of any of Celebration Sparklers' products for a party or event wholesale is the way to go. Anyone can take advantage of Celebration Sparklers great cases prices you do not need to be a dealer or store owner to buy by the case.

Not sure if you need to buy in bulk? The price per item is much lower when products are bought by the case however you may be worried about having a lot of extra product around. Sparklers, Poppers and Sky Lanterns will last for years if stored in a cool dry place. You can buy by the case now and save them for parties and events in the future.

Sparklers and sky lanterns are appropriate for almost any event and are legal in most states. If you plan on using large amounts of sparklers or sky lanterns for your next event or use them regularly all year round buying wholesale is the most cost effective option.